Trying to teach a mountain to move…

Crocheting is such a part of my life that my daughter also is keenly interested in it. So yeah, I try my best to keep her hooked – but no such luck so far.

I cannot remember if it was hard learning to crochet or not, I think I was that little. I remember that we learned it in school but I already knew the basics thanks to my grandma. With knitting it was harder for me. I remember never being able to start anything. I always went to my gran for help.

But the little miss is a) stubborn as hell (got that from her mum) and b) not patient at all while learning new things (got that from her dad). Great combination, I tell you…

So today we tried again and it ended in her storming of, slamming doors and crying – as the last 4 times. After less than 5 minutes I have to add. Not patient att all. So far I tried holding everything for her and just letting her work the hook (and that actually works, but makes my hand ache and she doesn’t really learn how to do it by herself). Other times I let her hold the work and I held on to the yarn, that kind of worked out but she wasn’t happy with that either (and it still is really uncomfortable for me). Her trying to do anything by herself ends up in her crying.

But maybe it is just me and it doesn’t work because I am trying to teach her. Maybe she needs someone else? We will try that and I will tell you what happens.

How did teaching your kids work out? Do you have any tips or ideas for me?

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