About us

What to write about us? Maybe about our – very healthy by the way – wool addiction and how we discovered that we all “suffered” the same?

Actually we only realised this not so long ago, I think it started last year around summer. Before that we were all knitting/chrocheting on our own, satisfying yes, but not very communicative or social.


Christina has been crafting for a long time and I was so surprised to stumble over a subscribtion box for crocheting when I visited her.

Learn more about Christinas yarn story here!


Up to this point knitting has been my favourite but now that these cute packages of Little Box of chrochet are coming every month (yes of course I did subscribe too!), I really can’t decide anymore.

Here is more about Katharina!


Sarah started knitting last summer – maybe a bit because Christina and I talked so much about wool?  Turns out she is an amzaing quick learner and knitter (seriously – I don´t know how she finishes projects so fast!)

and more about Sarah!

And here we are, all wool loving and knitting/crocheting – but still on our own. One time we met everyone brought their current project – and to be honest a lot of chocolate, too. This first wool related meeting was so much fun we kept on meeting on a regular basis with wool (and chocolate): exchanging our ideas for new projects, debating techniques and patterns, helping each other when we got stuck somewhere.

One evening – again much later than we imagined- came the idea of sharing this with more peolpe. Sending out our wool-love and creativity – but how?

Another couple of meetings later and a lot of ideas we decided to go with a blog (and to share our pictures on instagram)! And here it is: Our own website under our own name! That is so amazing, isn´t it?

We hope you will join our journey onwards – there is loads more to come!

Love from the 3 ladies of Female Fiber Knights!

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