WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 20.34.52We use UK terms. DC – double crochet

Use a 3mm crochet hook and matching yarn. Do not start with a very tight chain.

Row 1

Chain 31 and check if it fits your wrist (should be about 1-2cm left)

If it is too small, chain 5 more

(kids version 2-6 years: start with 21

Adult version small wrists: start with 26

Kids version 6 months: start with 16)


Row 2

Be sure to hook through both parts of the little V shape in the first row!

Chain 1 to turn, 31 dc

Row 3

Chain 1 to turn, 31 dc

Row 4

Chain 1 to turn, 31dc

Row 5

Chain 1 to turn, 31 dc fasten off, sew in ends

Row 6

Switch colour, start with the colour as if you wanted to chain


*dc in first dc of row 5, dc in hole made by 2nd dc of row 4, dc in hole made by 3rd dc of row 3, dc in hole made by 4th dc of row 4, dc in 5th dc of row 5*

Here you can see that I worked this just like a regular dc, just longer
Do not pull to much on the long dcs, or you will crumple your work!

Repeat *to* until end of row

Add one extra dc in the last dc to turn work 90 degrees, work 4 dc in the side for a nicer finish.


Fasten off and sew in ends (if you want to have two different colours on the sides)

Start with new colour on the side where you just stopped (or continue with the colour you just used)


Work as you did on the other side just use the bottom part of the chain for your normal dc

Working like that the spikes will meet in the middle.

Put one extra dc in the last stich to turn the work 90 degrees.

Chain 8 (or more depending on how much space you have left), dc 2 in the side of the work, chain 8 dc1. Fasten off and sew in ends. (that is for closing the bracelet)


Add 2 buttons on the other side of the bracelet.

I fasten them with the yarn from the bracelet, you have to check if that works with your buttons.



This is a kids sized-one.


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