Looking, sorting and retrieving my stash

The shelf I am keeping my wool stash really needed some sorting – this happens when you put all kind of things (snippets of wool from the last finished project, new wool I needed to buy and so on) in there “for now” and “put it away properly later”.

Wanna have a look what I found?

I started with emptiyng the whole cupboard at once to get a good overview about everything that was in there and leg me tell you: it was a lot!

I started with the leftovers from finished projects, one big box where I randomly put in stuff and a couple boxes of Little box of crochet (my crochetsubscribtion Christina hooked me up with and we both are crazy about!).

That way I hoped to free up some of the boxes to use later as storage for my wool – I love reusing those beautiful boxes!

Next step were the WIP – those I didn’t work on for a while and placed here to “return to them later”. Some of them way later. Here is what I found:

  • The first (and I think the WIP I am working on the longest) is a special box of “Little box of crochet“: The Adventcalendar from 2018! There are 24 designs for selfmade ornaments. I already made a good amount of them, some have found there place in Ohr christmas tree and some were gifted. But I still have many leftovers from the Advent box and others which used the little balls from „Yarn and Colors“. My plan is to make enough ornaments in different colour combinations to fill our tree one day – lets see when that will be…
  • This one is a box from LBOC (I think from October 2020) I already started and really don‘t know why I put it away. Who could have enough of those beautiful baskets?
  • And another box – I swear that most of them have already eben finished even in it seems differntly when you are watching at this list…
    These will be my first crocheted socks and of course they are not symmetrical (I nicked that idea from Christna)!
  • This is a long time project I am working on once in a while without any pressure. Each Granny Square is a different one from the book „Granny Sqare Flair“, a quick and nice make for an evening. When I have enough I am going to join them into a blanket.
  • Guess what? That cowl is already finished but I Love Christinas idea of a matching headband so much I am going to copy that. As you can see there is enough yarn left.
  • This is not a real WIP cause I did‘nt start yet. But it will be soon 😉
  • My biggest project at the moment is the blanket „Sophies Universe“ which was a CAL a couple of years ago. I went with my own colourway and not with one of the sugggested ones: Sarah dyed up a fading set for me and I am deeply in Love with how the colours and the desgin of the blanket complement each other (have a look at the hasthag sophiesuniverse on Instagram to see tons of beautiful different Sophies!)
  • Last but not least: the box from February – not started yet!

That are the current WIP I have, now I took a look at the wool I bought for a specific project. (I normally buy wool because it is “so pretty, I need it!” but from time to time I plan ahead 😉 )

The colourful ones are from the Sockclub of Krakenyarns with the theme Studio Gibli, I have some idea in my mind for patterns but will have to plan those before I can get started – and that is why I haven‘t until now. I don‘t have the creative motivation right now and will wait till it hits me.

The lilac tweed wool will become a cardigan. I will have to find a pattern that matches what I picture in my head or write it up by myself too – which is much more likely cause the picture is quite specific. And that makes finding a pattern almost impossible – you know that problem, right?

Next up were the skeins i either dyed or spun myself – I am particularly proud of those!

Do you have different left overs that could easily become one project but you don’t know what exactly? Here are mine:

And finally all the wool you have leftover or bought and don’t have a single clou what to do with it (suggestions are welcome 😉 )

And that is it! All sorted and found again. My next steps are to finish up (some) of the WIP and start the already planned ones. And maybe getting creative for the other wool – who knows when inspiration strikes? 😉

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