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Heya I‘m Sarah!

This is Sarah =)

When telling a story, I’m always unsure about how to begin. So let‘s start this story here: I‘m 36, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.

About a year ago I was constantly confronted with the things Christina and Katharina crotcheted and shared on Instagram and I was kind of hooked. I was like “I want to crotchet and make something!” 

I used to crotchet when I was a child and put my Barbie dolls into crotcheted dresses. I wonder if I still got one of those hidden away somewhere? 

Christina and Katharina were an inspiration to me: I started to crotchet again. I made a case for my cell, well, at least I tried – it didn’t fit. Not wanting to give up so quickly, my next project was a case for my tablet. What shall I say, half way through I knew it would not fit either! I have no idea how those dresses worked out. At that moment of desperation, HE asked me, if I could make him a sweater. 

“You want a crotcheted sweater?” My face was like: really??? 

“No” (knew it!) “I’d like a knitted sweater!” 

“a knitted sweater?” my voice went high. “I never knitted a sweater! I never really knitted anything!”  

The only thing I knew about knitting was how to knit and purl. 

“Ok! I’ll do it!” It was a bit of a spontaneous answer, but: challenge accepted! I was not sure if I was able to finish anything like that, when I couldn’t get a simple crotchet project done. 

So the first question was: how do you knit a sweater? Knowing that it was not a good idea to knit several parts of a sweater, only to sew those together in the end – I was sure, that I would end up with each part being different. I looked for a way of knitting a sweater in just one part. If you are a knitter already you’ll probably have guessed what my first sweater-project was: right, a raglan sweater! No pattern. I never liked working after patterns.

Half a day went by, where I watched a YouTube video, measured and calculated the stitches to write down knitting instructions for myself. Sarahs first sweater The 3.0 mm knitting needles turned out to be the greatest challenge for my patience, it took me forever to knit that sweater! Reading the 5 random facts about me (If you haven’t already) you’ll find out: patience is not a strength of mine. Every day I was a little afraid I would loose interest – that’s what usually happens. Nonetheless that sweater was proudly finished 2 months later! And the real surprise was: I enjoyed every single day of knitting! Crotcheting was abandoned – we are still no real friends – but I never stopped knitting since that day in July, when I started.

There is quite the big wool stash in my closet and I hope I’ll turn every skein in there into something beautiful. On some days I still wonder when the day comes I give up knitting, it is highly unusual, that I stick to something I already figured out how to do. 

Follow us on this blog and on Instagram to find out how I’m keeping up with my knitting! 

I would be delighted to hear from you too! How did you come around to knitting (or crotcheting)? 

Love, Sarah

P.S.: Other things I tried so far: making soap, baking and decorating cakes, sewing, painting and writing. Next on my list: dyeing wool (with plants) and lettering.


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