Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 20

If you are like me (or better like us and many other people) you always have several projects you are working on at the same time. 

I have a rather large bag stashed in our living room where I keep the most recent ones, problem is they tend to get mixed up and I always get annoyed by the chaos inside. What to do about that? 

And then Sarah shared her little project bag. I immediatly had the picture of different bags lying there in the big one, each containing one project in my head – PERFECT! 

And since I wanted to use my fabricyarn i decided to turn it into a project basket. 


  1. Make a Magic circle and work 6 double crochet in it
  2. work 2 double crochet in each stitch 
  3. work 2 double crochet in the first stitch of each increase of the previous round and one double crochet in every other stitch
  4. continue working an increase in every first stitch of an increase from previous round and one double crochet in every other stitch until the size of your basket bottom is the one desired.
  5. work one round of double crochet in each stitch in back loops only
  6. work rounds of double crochet in each stitch until desired height is reached. I worked this part in waistcoat stitch, which looks similar to knitting. You simply push your hook through the little „v“ instead of right to it (see picture)

Decorating your project basket

To give your basket the final Christmas touch you can slip stitch or sew any shape onto the finished one. 

I chose a star shape and two little snowflakes with gold yarn, but honestly only your creativity is the limit 😉

Enjoy working on all your projects!

Love, Katharina