Adventcalendar 2018 – Day 19

Day 19 – Knitted Coasters

The round shape again! Did I infect you by now, with my obsession for the edgeless shapes? (if you hadn’t had that before) If not, I’m trying again today: look at the shape! It’s beautifully round, just like the mug that will be sitting on it! 

Wanna know how I made these? Quick excursion before I tell you: are you familiar with the term “pi shawl”? It’s a circular shawl! Isn’t that perfect?The construction was invented by no one less than Elizabeth Zimmermann and I so wanna knit one. Not just any pi shawl, I want it to have some kind of peacock pattern, not sure yet how I will knit that up, but I’m going to find out. I was thinking about a brioche part (because I haven’t tried that yet). Any suggestions?

Pi shawl and circular coasters, what do they have in common? If you have knit a pi shawl you already know: it’s the same construction. The circular coaster is a mini pi shawl, you might say, so making the coasters, I practiced pi shawl knitting. 

Even smaller circles hanging on my little christmas tree as ornaments! Check out day 4 of the adventcalendar for the little hat pattern and day 10 for the potwrap inspiration!

Let us know, if you have any questions! 

Love, Sarah

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